To the Writer

Our lives are fast-paced, demanding. We often rush through our lives on automatic pilot, tuning out life around us-and even tuning out ourselves. We hardly notice the present as it slips by; we let our ideas and feelings pass unexplored. Day by day, our lives slip by in the same hardly noticed way.

This writing blog will help you live more fully. You’ll heighten your awareness of life as you are living it, and discover many aspects of yourself and your environment.

You’ll get the best results by following these suggestions:

  • Each time you’re ready top use this blog, take a minute to tune in to the present. What’s going on around you-What sounds do you hear? What is the air like inside? What’s the weather outside? Are you comfortable? Check your mood-How do you feel inside? What’s on your mind?
  • Now look through the blog and let one of the quotations or writing ideas capture your attention. Do you agree or disagree with it? Does it remind you of something else? or give you a new idea? Take time to think, then give your ideas thoughts words.
  • Write freely. Your goal is to explaor your experiences, beliefs, and outlooks, whether they are negative or postive, rational, or emotional.

If this blog is apart of a writing class, you may be asked to use it in some other ways. You may also have to allow the instructorto read your work. Before you begin your writing, find out if he or she will agree not to share your writing with anyone else without your permission. If you aren`t assured of privacy, keep your writing suitable for a general audience.

There are 100 writing ideas and suggested activities in this blog, covering a wide range of topics: anger, animals, human nature, how to live, laughter, loneliness, love, travel, trees, and dozens of others. They are based on 129 quotations from men and women of this and other countries who are living now or who lived in earlier times.

Enjoy your blog. May it help you to fully experience each moment you live, and enrich your memories and anticipations as well.